Cybex Car Seats


Cybex Baby car seats are available in different models to suit your child’s weight and height considerations. We have infant, convertible and grow-with-your-baby car seats that are convenient and easy to set up in your vehicle when preparing to drive.

Our multiple categories of seats ensure that your child will always find a suitable replacement whenever they outgrow the ones they currently have.

Typically, larger infants outgrow their car seats before they reach age 1, whereas smaller babies may still fit until their first birthday or even beyond. Nevertheless, most toddlers tend to exceed their height limit for infant car seats before their weight range. No matter the size of your child, you can always trust Cybex for having a fitting car seat.

Baby Car Seats

Aton Q

The Cybex Aton Q car seat is well-made, lightweight and simple to adjust. The hood is easy to wipe and will protect little ones from getting wet if you need to dash through the rain although the specialised material does tend to snag.

The seat belt fits easily through the slots and round the back to secure the seat and the included strap and buckle protectors keep baby comfy. The support for newborns is excellent, with the seat reclining to a lie-back position, and the Linear Side Impact Protection System (LSP) is great; the seat offers good support as well as the confidence that baby is safe.


Cloud Z I-size

The Cloud Z i-Size is the logical successor to the award-winning Cloud Q concept, and is now about 15% lighter than before.

The Perfect Family

The child seat is equipped with a Linear Side-impact Protection (L.S.P.) System, which – in combination with the energy-absorbing car seat shell – significantly increases your child’s safety in a side-impact collision. The car seat can be changed to a lie-flat position outside of the car and features 11 easy-to-adjust headrest positions with integrated harness guides. To make it easier to get your child in and out of the car, the seat can be turned to the door side of the car, thanks to the innovative Base Z mechanism. The base also includes Driving Direction Control (D.D.C.), which ensures that the child seat cannot be turned to a forward-facing position.

Cloud Q Plus

Winning gold medal in the MadeForMums Awards 2017 in the infant car seat has a telescopic linear side impact system, which reduces the force of impact by 20% in case of an accident.

It also has an 11-position height-adjustable head-rest. This, says Cybex, prevents any need for the difficult threading in and out of the harness and makes it almost impossible to misuse.

The lie-flat feature in this seat means that you can pull a lever and the seat will gently recline to almost flat: a safe way for them to keep sleeping for a while longer when you reach your destination.

Babies aren’t supposed to sit in their car seats for long periods of time. That’s because when they are crunched up their breathing can be compromised. Lying flat promotes lung development and also assists your baby’s breathing.

With the Cloud Q you can just take the car seat out of the car and click it onto your stroller when you arrive at your destination, and pull the lever to lay the seat flat.

The Cybex Cloud Q is travel-system compatible with many different models.




Pallas S

Easy to install and with a long life span, the harness-free Cybex Pallas car seat is a Group 1/2/3 (9 months – 12 years) with a clever safety feature that sets it apart for most rivals.

German engineered, and first produced in 2009, the Cybex Pallas car seat is a seat that differs from most by using an adjustable protection pillow that fits on top of your child’s lap. Used instead of a harness, it neatly slides in front of your toddler and then buckles in place with the seat belt. This idea isn’t unique to the Pallas though, it is also used on some other models.

One of the great safety features of the Cybex Pallas car seat is how the protection pillow is designed to absorb energy in the event of a front impact, meaning your child’s upper body rolls over it, avoiding any strain on the critical neck area.

Instruction Video Pallas S

Sirona M I-size

Rear-facing car seats like the SIRONA Plus have been shown to reduce the risk of injuries by more than 80% when compared to conventional forward-facing seat with harness system.

Unlike other rear-facing rotational car seats, it uses an impact shield rather than a harness in forward-facing mode, reducing the risk of injuries as the force of an impact is distributed evenly over a large area.

The Cybex Sirona M is a fantastic car seat! It is well-designed, robust, adjustable and comes with a swivel feature that makes installation a breeze. The fabric is good quality – soft, stylish and durable, and the chair is comfortable.


Sirona Z I-size

To get the maximum safety for your child, the Sirona Z I-size has set a new standard in the area of side- and front impact protection.

The Sirona Z i-Size is a new car seat in the CYBEX Z-Line that can be rotated a full 360°. It offers simple door side boarding of your child and is easy to switch between rear-facing and forward-facing position. Its 12-step adjustable headrest and 5 reclining positions make this seat extra ergonomic.

Solution Z-fix


Your child grows a great deal between the ages of 3 and 12 but the Solution Z-Fix is optimized to grow alongside them and adapts to your child’s changing needs.

Equipped with 12 height settings and automatic width adjustment, the head and shoulder protectors can be adjusted to meet each child’s individual space requirements. Its ability to be operated with just one hand makes it quick and easy for parents to adjust. The patented, reclining headrest’s design ensures that the child’s head remains in the safety zone. This is especially important in the event of a side-impact collision, where the headrest and the L.S.P. System Plus offer your child greater protection. In combination with the energy-absorbing shell, forces from a side-impact collision are reduced by approximately 25% and the child’s head is actively guided into a safe position thanks to the CYBEX Safety Pads. The Solution Z-Fix is equipped with ISOFIX Connect for easy installation and extra stability and safety. Ensuring your child’s comfort even when driving on hot days, the seat’s air ventilation system cools down the seat to a comfortable temperature. The car seat’s reclining backrest perfectly adjusts to the angle of the back seat, making the Solution Z-Fix the perfect choice for your child with safety and comfort in mind.