Sirona Gi iSize Plus Moon Black

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Sirona Gi iSize Plus Moon Black


Rear and front-facing with flexible comfort for a growing child

Regulation : UN R129/03 i-Size

Child Height  : 40 cm – 105 cm

Child Weight : Max. 20 kg

Child Age      : From birth up to approx. 4 years

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Up to 50% higher safety levels*

Rear-facing is one of the safest ways to travel. In the critical first moments of a front impact, the child's body is pushed against the padded car seat shell, minimizing movement and reducing the force acting on the child's neck. Mandatory up to 15 months (76 cm), we recommend keeping your child rear-facing for as long as possible. The Sirona Gi i-Size is designed for comfortable rear-facing travel until your child weighs 20 kg.​ (*compared to the same seat forward-facing in a frontal crash. Result of internal testing using 2022 ADAC frontal crash test criteria.)

Quick and easy onboarding

A stress-free start to your journey. Just swivel the car seat to face the car door and get your child onboard. You avoid back strain, while your child stays comfortable in any recline position.

Optimal breathability

Comfort in any season. All-round air ventilation lets air flow through channels in the car seat, carrying away heat and helping avoid a sweaty ride for your little one. The Plus version also includes mesh fabric that increases breathability up to six times compared to regular fabrics.

Side-Impact Protection

Integrated Linear Side-impact Protection defends your child against the force of a side impact. Working together with the energy-absorbing shell, the L.S.P. System significantly reduces the effect of impact force on the child.

Always in a Comfortable Position

Find the ideal recline setting, whether your little one is a newborn or a growing child. Five positions are available in both riding directions – and in the boarding position, too. And when your child falls asleep, you can recline the seat with one hand, letting them dream that little bit longer.

Grows with your Child up to 4 Years

As your baby grows, adjust the Sirona Gi i-Size headrest for a comfortable fit at every stage. 12 positions allow a tailored fit to your child, with the harness lengthening automatically with each adjustment - and only one hand is required.

Straightforward installation and anchorage

It only takes moments to set up your Sirona Gi i-Size. Use an ergonomic handle to click the ISOFIX into the vehicle seat and extend the load leg. Both provide stability and extra safety. Visual indicators help you confirm the seat is ready to protect.

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Weight13 kg
Dimensions75 × 48 × 80 cm

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