Sirona S2 i-Size


Sirona S2 i-Size

including Newborn Inlay

Regulation  : UN R129/03 i-Size

Height   : 61 – 105 cm

Weight  : From Newborn up to 18 kg

Age       :  0 – 4  years

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Including Inlay for Newborn Baby

Cybex Sirona S Inlay

Rear-Facing Car Seat

Significantly reduces the risk of injury in case of a head-on collision. The Sirona S i-Size allows you to transport children rear-facing from birth up to a height of 105 cm (up to 18 kg, approx. 4 years). Depending on your preference, the Sirona S i-Size can also be used as a forward-facing car seat for children (starting from min. 76 cm and 16 months up to 105 cm).

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Driving Direction Control

Prevents misuse in turning forward-facing before the child is at least 16 months old and 76 cm tall. The Driving Direction Control (DDC) prevents misuse of the forward-facing position of the car seat. It ensures the forward-facing position is not used before the child is at least 16 months old and 76 cm tall.

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Energy Reduction Technology

Reduces the strain on the neck in case of a front impact (forward-facing). The Energy Reduction Technology of the Sirona S i-Size offers increased safety for your child in the forward-facing position in the event of a head-on collision. It reduces the forces on the neck of a child during a front crash by approximately 20%, compared to other existing harness systems.

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Integrated Linear Side-Impact Protection

Extendable on side facing the car door. The integrated L.S.P. System of the Sirona S i-Size offers increased safety in the event of a side-impact collision. It reduces the force of a side impact in combination with the energy absorbing shell by approximately 25%.

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360° Rotation Mechanism

A clever 360° rotation system makes life easier and less back-breaking for parents. The innovative 360° rotating mechanism of the Sirona S i-Size makes switching between rearward and forward-facing position easy. In addition, it provides a comfortable entry and exit position with less strain on parents' backs.

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One-Click Installation with ISOFIX

A one-click installation with ISOFIX both in rear- and forward-facing position allows for simple installation and guarantees increased safety. Sirona S i-Size is secured using the car's ISOFIX system and requires no further fastening. An installation indicator also helps to prevent a possible misuse.Sirona S function

Height-adjustable headrest

12 positions for customized adjustment as your child grows

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One-hand recline function

Easily adjusts to the perfect position (rearward facing: 5 positions; forward facing: 3 positions)

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Energy-absorbing shell

Absorbs the forces of an impact and protectively covers the baby

Sirona S Absorbing Shell


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Weight15 kg
Dimensions70 × 43 × 64 cm

Deep Black, Soho Grey