Priam FL One Love

Priam Rose Gold Frame One Love

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Cybex Priam One Love 3 in 1


The PRIAM’s new 4-in-1 travel system makes it a flexible and comfortable travel companion. The variable frame allows the use of different attachments that provide the right solution for all the challenges of a mobile life. In addition to the new LUX Carry Cot and LITE Cot, these also include the award-winning CYBEX car seats. For older children, the PRIAM can be used as a sophisticated stroller, with a seating unit that can be adjusted to be either forward-facing or rear-facing.

Cybex Priam Rose Gold Folded


The PRIAM is easy to fold using just one hand. Its seat unit folds away with the frame into a compact, flat package. Even as a free standing unit, the new PRIAM can be discretely stowed – in a restaurant, on public transportation, and at home.

Cybex Priam Rose Gold Lie Flat


Thanks to its simple handling, the PRIAM LUX Seat adjusts to a comfortable lie-flat position with just one hand – transforming the stroller into a comfortable, cosy bed when you’re on the go.

Priam One Love Side R

Priam One Love Side R inwards







Whether forward-facing or parent-facing, the PRIAM LUX Seat can be easily adjusted to the desired position in just a few simple steps.

Priam One Love Canopy XXL


The PRIAM’s extendable XXL sun canopy provides UPF50+ sun protection and also effectively protects against wind and weather.

One Love

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